With the use of integrated software solutions to manage access control access, set automated alerts based on a variety of features including:

– After hours access to premises
– Number of access to premises– Refused access attempts / Attempt to access restricted area
– Define roles, user and security levels and which areas will be opened based on role type


Both the administrative dashboard, card creation and coding, and user access of the control pad have to be an effective and easy to use design.

– Our card RFID tags are robust and can fit on key chains, or range up to access card with photo identification
– Programming and card creation is effortless and performed in minutes
– Update of employee / client / resident user access is a seamless administrative experience with changes propagating the system instantly


The ability to analyze data, and pull out vital details is a powerful feature enabled by Met-Scan’s proprietary imaging combined with software packages.

– A 5 days of recorded video from each video asset
– Ability to zoom in after recording to pull out vital information
– Receive emails and alarms through automatic notifications


Multi-level access control systems ensure that only the right people, with the right credentials can access restricted areas. Logging entries, exit and access fails ensure that your team can maintain a firm understanding of employee or public activities and spot any suspicious activity before it becomes an issue through active monitoring and real-time alerts.

Depending on your needs, our infrastructure and software technologies can log incidents and store data for as long as specified, and provide active alerts based upon any criteria you provide. We tailor the access control system to your need, budget and values.

We see buildings, hallways, and infrastructure as living, breathing environments brought to life by the people that populate, move, play and work in them daily. Like any organism, we ensure that the bad stays out, and that the traffic moves and flows as it should to maintain order.

Our sophisticated access control hardware and software technology ensures only those that are meant to be an area of your organization, ARE in that area. We keep your organization healthy and secure.

A full audit of the space is a necessary first step to understand what technologies and solutions must be implemented. Every door, entrance and opening (such as windows) are liable for scrutiny. With you, we assess the varying levels of control needed so that your organization lets through only the right personnel, qualified to be in that area.

We centrally manage and store all your access control data and provide you real time threat analysis based on the triggers you provide. We further our service, providing you with best-practice procedures for qualifying and managing admittance and pass cards, ensuring that the systems work flawlessly. We seek to minimize human error and lessen the learning curve to new accreditation procedures.

“Access Control and Information Management were an often overlooked area of security technology. Met-Scan helped us to realize the importance of these systems and worked to implement them into our already existing technology infrastructure.”

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