Unknown to most organization is that there is a variety of transmission tools and infrastructure likely in place that has bandwidth to move your secure data across the region. Often these systems are siloed, and thus they are not first in mind for security information transmission.


Met-Scan illustrates to your organization and stakeholders, just how easy and cost effective it can be to improve upon your existing transmission infrastructure, and details costs and advantages of enabling a fiber and infrastructure improvement.


Working with Met-Scan ensures that your organization has a partner for the future, and the engineering, design and technology you choose to integrate through Met-Scan is truly the best value-for-features possibly derived. Data transmission needs will always grow – Met-Scan ensures that you’ll always be ready.


Municipal and enterprise infrastructure audits are programs designed by Met Scan to enable public, education and law enforcement sectors to dramatically reduce standard data transmission costs.

Our tested, proprietary procedure and proven design allows us to leverage your already existing fiber and data networks, tapping into unused bandwidth.

We reduce your transmission costs, improve data transfer reliability and enable you to run an ever growing surveillance data infrastructure.

We believe in using what you’ve got. We believe in educating our clients and better enabling the future of public and employee safety programs.

Data transfer infrastructure is everywhere and is often under utilized. We show you what you can do to offset your data costs, improve your reliability and become a self-sufficient organization for less.

Our team of seasoned leaders have worked and designed some of North America’s leading utility infrastructure and have a thorough knowledge of data systems and transfer. Met Scan can analyze your current network capacity and find ways to leverage existing network bandwidth. This keeps your data transmission regional, and avoids the costly utility transfer rates.

We then put a plan together, enabling you to steadily build out your transmission infrastructure for less than it costs to pay utilities.

Combine this service with our Integrated Security offering, to get a fully rounded security solution that is cost effective, self-contained, and meets increasing data transmission needs. Stay ahead of the curve as data use continues to increase through the ever-growing ubiquity of mobile surveillance and high definition video capture and storage.

“We never knew just how much fiber optic networks we had in place. Met-Scan helped us to reduce our transmission costs substantially by showing us how to link data through exisiting networks. We’re saving tax payer dollars and spending it on the things that really matter.”

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