The effective integration of technology from different versions to different vendors is managed by Met-Scan’s engineering team, to ensure a seamless upgrade and phased installation.

Met-Scan ensures that your technology works seamlessly and builds visual, audio and access control infrastructure that is scalable and future proof.


Current technologies enable your organization to capture the data it needs from the public. Met-Scan meticulously and rigorously proofs its technology and technology vendors to ensure the technology meets the following criteria

– Retains best-in-class features for cost
– Provides a proven longevity and software that is future proofed
– Provides a robust hardware that is hardened against intense environments


Disparate systems create havoc and often lead to un-uniform data capture and forensic analysis. Met-Scan’s partner technologies feed all content into a central war-room or nervous system, and ensure that no ounce of data is lost in monitoring several systems at once.

Ensure that you’ve captured all the angles, and mitigate data loss through our centralized recording and data retention processes.


Intelligent, integrated security systems are Met-Scan’s proprietary solution that ensure your project contains a successful mix of technologies – from surveillance, to access control, to the connecting fibers and management software between.

Complete engineering and design ensures a robust security solution for your organization at an enterprise grade level. A sophisticated understanding of our partner technology and implementation enables flexibility. Unique modelling and engineering allows for a seamless fit with new and existing security systems.

We are able to extend your security system communication across multiple locations, including mobile units with our data transfer technologies and design. Coupled with leading edge surveillance software and storage area network (SAN), we enable your organization with a bird’s eye view of real time threats.

We think of the term “Intelligent Integrated Security” as the opportunity to be exclusive in our security system designs, and to push the expected. We focus with creativity and refine through experience, delivering a truly robust solution.

We base our design on three principles: needs, budget and client values. Thus we provide seamlessly integrated security systems, sized to fit your organizations particular needs and motivations.

We collaborate with all stakeholders on your team to guarantee we capture the true scope and essence of a project. Realizing our clients full needs, we then analyze all physical space and assets to understand what applicable technologies and solutions should be newly applied, or what existing components can be optimized and future proofed. We find the best of both to enable the best practical solution.

We focus on design over product, and believe modeling the solution first and foremost is best suited to meet all demands and enable the best scale of economy. We then marry technology to the design strategies and apply feasible installation to provide you the best possible security for your organization.

“A full turn-key solution security provider was something we found difficult to find. No one was able to provide us with start-to-finish designs, engineering, procurement and ongoing service. We trust Met-Scan with all of our fully integrated security technology needs.”

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