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With up to 5 megapixels in clarity, and a viewing range of 100 degrees, video surveillance by Met-Scan includes a wide host of features including

– 40′ motion detection
– 5 days of 720p video recording
– Remote video access
– Remote device access
– Wireless, 4G cellular comm.


Enable your surveillance devices for only the hours that you specify. Be assured that the you’ll never lose a moments footage with on board 40Ah batteries providing up to 20 hours of life.

– Flexible mounting options on posts or walls
– Configure power for constant or scheduled use
– Activate video assets for specific hours

Robust Forensics

The ability to analyze data, and pull out vital details is a powerful feature enabled by Met-Scan’s proprietary imaging combined with software packages.

– A 5 days of recorded video from each video asset
– Ability to zoom in after recording to pull out vital information
– Receive emails and alarms through automatic notifications


Surveillance is the successful integration of audio and visual site monitoring through both fixed technology and on-body or mobile units.

Paired with audio capture and properly designed transmission media, storage and recall technologies, Met-Scan’s imaging and surveillance systems are proven, adaptable and largely scalable. We enable your security team with a watchful eye and ensure public and enterprise client safety and accountability.

High end, proven, rugged surveillance systems is a security fundamental. We believe in clear “vision” and precise control of an environment. Thinking of space differently, we open every angle, secure every view and watch every doorway keeping public, law enforcement and security professionals safe and accountable.

We take stock of current security infrastructure, so that we can compliment, update or implement new systems depending on our client’s requirements.

Our goal is to provide the best available technology based on the application.

We don’t just install surveillance systems, we look at where you space truly needs visibility to maintain order or curb threats at a multi-location, enterprise level.

We then link all of your video and audio capture back to a centralized system in which we store data and assess threats based on your specific requirements. Our seasoned team can enable secure transmissions through a multitude of sources ranging from fiber optics, to wireless, to line-of-site depending on whether the capture unit is a fixed asset of mobile.

Regardless of the technology or transmission source used – we strive to ensure you maintain the best coverage and best security for your money. We are your hedge against risk.

“The technology and the professionalism that I received from Met-Scan was exceptional. We needed systems that would provide us scalability and link into our existing hardware. Met-Scan helped us to keep our space secure.”

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